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Keychain Productions was founded in 2006 by Actor/Director Andrew Lee Potts. Andrew Lee works with groups of filmmakers from all walks of the film and television industries; Writers, Directors, Actors, Cinematographers, and Producers. Their aim is to create original and compelling ideas and shoot them on near to no budget. The core members are Andrew Lee Potts (Director), Alex Moss (Writer/Producer) and Tony Denman (Writer). Keychain has continued to produce a variety of shorts, from the debut short 'Blood On Benefits' to the 'Little Lilly' series and more recently ‘Insight’. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of production techniques Keychain Productions has recently moved into creating music videos for a number of upcoming Artists, and was proud to be among the 13 finalists at 2012’s Virgin Media Short Film Awards for the short ‘Little Larry’ which will screen in cinemas across the United Kingdom for the next year.
If you have a passion, follow it.

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