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KEYCHAIN_business card 2.jpg
KEYCHAIN_business card 2.jpg
KEYCHAIN_business card 2.jpg

Keychain Productions began in 2006, when Andrew-Lee Potts and Tony Denman decided to launch their own production company with the aim of creating innovative and engaging films. 


Keychain began with the vision of linking up talented experts within film and television industries, and continues to follow that vision today. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of production techniques, we are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to tell engaging stories. 


We have produced a variety of award-winning shorts, experimenting with style and fearlessly tackling a multitude of genres from heartwarming dramas such as the Little Larry short to action-packed sci-fi series Wireless.


As Keychain Productions continues to grow, currently moving into production for feature films Divided and Phobia X.


We are driven by passion, and invite you to follow our work. 

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Andrew Lee is the director and founder of Keychain Productions.

As a filmmaker & editor  Andrew Lee is drawn to strong visuals and compelling concepts as tools for telling a gripping story with compelling characters. He cites American History X as his biggest film inspiration. 


Throughout his experience, Andrew Lee has tackled a number of genres: from the vampires of Blood On Benefits, to the comedy of Photo Finish, and heartfelt drama of Little Larry and Atwood Alley.  Andrew has directed four music videos for some of the UK’s most up-and-coming artists. His sci-fi web series, Wireless, has been critically acclaimed and gained a world-wide following for both himself and Keychain Productions. With horror film Monitor and his new 20-minute thriller Kindred, both Andrew Lee and Keychain Productions have continued on a trajectory towards stronger and stronger work.


The Virgins Media Short, Little Larry, played in cinemas around the UK for a year and Photo Finish won the Reed Grand Pix award for Best Film at a BAFTA ceremony.


Andrew Lee began his acting career when he was only seven years old. He has notably starred in such hits as Band Of Brothers, Alice, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Primeval and The Crown. He has acted opposite some of industry’s largest talents, including Oscar winners Gary Oldman, Olivia Colman, and Kathy Bates. He has also worked alongside Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, Sienna Miller, Tim curry and Terrence Stamp.  

Andrew Lee is now developing his first feature film, sci-fi/action/ thriller Divided and is planning his second feature,  action/horror film Phobia X.


Andrew Lee is a self-declared filmmaking addict, and is very happy to know there is no rehab.



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Tamara grew up in the US and developed an interest in writing at an early age. She went on to study screenwriting in university before moving to the UK in 2012 to obtain her MA in playwriting and screenwriting from City University. She wrote a short film, D(e)ad, in 2013 and went on to co-produce a number of collaborative fringe theatre pieces in and around London. She remained regularly active since then, creating mainly staged pieces and short

films for audiences of all ages.Tamara co-wrote Andrew Lee's new 20 minute film, Kindred, and has now joined the Keychain team to co-write Keychain’s first two features, Divided and Phobia X.

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David and Andrew Lee have been working together for over 15 years after David was the DOP on Andrew Lee’s first Short film, Horror Blood On Benefits. David shot the feature film Show Dogs in the UK and the USA. The film was released in cinemas worldwide in 2018. 

 Other feature work includes the thriller The Last Seven and Lad: A Yorkshire Story for which he won 2 awards for Best Cinematography.

David shot the VFX unit for the upcoming Netflix series Dark Crystal for director Louis Leterrier, as well as further VFX units on films including Jungle Book: Origins, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Paddington 2

For Universal he shot both  Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts and The Hogwarts Express; both large scale, green screen and motion control VFX films 

  He has also shot a number of award winning short films and music promos, and filmed in over 20 countries including South Africa, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iceland, South Korea, Jordan, UAE and Morocco.

A member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, David worked as a camera assistant for over 10 years, learning his skills from the world's leading cinematographers on films including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Bourne Ultimatum, V for Vendetta and the Harry Potter series.

For Keychain David has shot Blood On Benefits, Wireless, Music video Rocket To Mars and Andrew Lee's award winning film Photo Finish 

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Tony has worked in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. Starting his career at the tender age of 10 in Los Angeles, California. He work on some amazing projects with the likes of the Coen Brothers, Doug Liman, and Ted Demme. Tony has spent the last 8 years living in London and has been there from Keychain's inception. Andrew Lee & Tony began working together with their first feature script 'Blood on Benefits' which they later turned into a short film. Over the years they have continued their work together on a variety of projects from Music Videos of up-and-coming London based artist's, and got shortlisted for the Virgin Media Shorts Award for one of their film's Little Larry. 

Alex started in the film industry when he was 16. Having studied film at university Alex moved into writing. He is the editor of online film publication and an Account Director at content media agency Dirt & Glory Media.He has written many projects for Keychain Productions including Bubble-Wrapped, Award winning short Photo Finish and is the co-creator

and writer of Wireless. 

Joao is a self-shooting Cinematographer and DV Director.A member of the Portuguese Society of Cinematographers - AIP. Speaks native French, Portuguese and fluently English. Joao has shot many feature films, TV series, music videos and sports, Joao has scripted and directed TV shows and adverts. He also has vision mixed and directed live shows and events.

Joao has shot almost all 16 eps of Andrew Lee's show WIRELESS and most recently was the operator and DOP of Andrew Lee's 20min film KINDRED


Brooke deRosa is a composer, vocalist and conductor from Los Angeles, California. She has composed music for over twenty films and TV programs including a western, (“Gunfight at Yuma”), a film noir (“Battery Row”), a John Grisham-esque courtroom drama ("River Guard"), a horror comedy ("Massacre on Aisle 12") and a TMZ-styled TV series abroad (“Exit Hollywood”).  The score for “The Search for Simon”, directed by BAFTA winner Martin Gooch, which she co-composed was nominated for Best Score at the Monaco International Film Festival and won Best Score at the Portsmouth International Film Festival.  Her following collaboration with Mr. Gooch, "The Gatehouse," premiered at Raindance London.


Paige Lehnert is a writer and composer from Orlando, Florida. She has worked as an editor for more than 15 years and has penned many articles for local publications. She is currently working on an unpublished fantasy novel book series. Lehnert has scored several video games and films, including The Search for Simon, for which she won an award for best score at the Portsmouth International Film Festival. Additionally, she has also provided music for NASA’s VR mobile apps, which can currently be heard at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at Cape Canaveral.



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