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Music Video's

Neil Jackson - Rocket To Mars - Directed By Andrew Lee Potts

DAVID TRUSSON -  row,row,row 

Directed by Andrew Lee Potts

row,row,row, david trusson [music video]
directed by andrew lee potts & produced by tony denman from keychain productions.

david trusson is a singer/songwriter based in South West London.

a little note from dave - 'During the last few years I've played with a number of great musicians who have inspired and pushed me in equal measure. Band experiences on hold, i've been honing my craft over the last year trying to create songs that appeal to a broad range of listeners with catchy acoustic/pop/folk hooks and sincere lyrics that relate to everyday living,having heard "Dave, what the f**k are you doing about your music" for the millionth time I thought it was about time to do something about it, so here it is.'

LEMON'S official teaser for music video

'Oh La La la'

Get to know LEMON:

Twitter: @iamlemonmusic

Directed by Andrew Lee Potts
Produced by Keychain production

coming 2013

A teaser for the music video 'Roads' from the amazing band Delooze. Directed by Andrew Lee Potts. Not sure when this will be able to be viewed in full.

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