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Two brothers go deep into the woods to investigate strange singing in the middle of the night. Even more disturbing, the voice is a child. The truth they find will change their lives forever

Starring  Joseph Millson & Andrew Lee Potts


PUPPY LOVE was made as a finalist film for THAT FILM FESTIVAL 2020

Each finalist was given the same script to re write and directed the way they wanted

Made with no budget in only 2 weeks


Photo Finish won Andrew Lee the top prize at Britain’s biggest short film competition.

 He was awarded the Grand Prix prize at the Short Film Awards

and was honoured in a ceremony at BAFTA


Virgin Media Shorts Finalist.

 Played in cinemas all across the UK for 12 months

Larry's life every day is the same. Lonely. He is a mid-twenties, professional, single man who still feels like a child inside. Something is missing. Larry is finding growing up and fitting in so hard that he still sees himself as an 8 year old boy. Can Larry find the missing link thats stopping him grow into the man he longs to be?


Forget every thing you hold precious, the most delicate thing you have is your life. Handle With Care.


Babysitter breaks the rules with killer consciences.
Written By Tony Denman & Andrew Lee Potts. Starring Laura Carter, Anna Skellern, Robert Lonsdale & Katie Goldfinch.


Imagination can take you anywhere.

Written & Directed by Andrew Lee Potts


This 8 minute thought provoking film depicts the story of Stephen, a young father struggling with the responsibility of bringing up a child. Then came the message he never wanted to leave. Uniquely shot on Super 8, Mini DV & Video-Phone. It combine's both old & new style's of cinematography, giving the audience a fresh new way to look at filmmaking.

Directed By Andrew Lee Potts


This coming of age boxing film staring Actor & DJ Zak Santiago

was all shot on location in Vancouver.

Written by Zak Santiago & Andrew Lee Potts

Directed by Andrew Lee Potts


Keychains Very 1st Short Film Directed By Andrew Lee Potts

This is a dark film with Vampires living together on a council estate

Written By Tony Denman Starring Joseph Beattie,Andrew Lee Potts,Carey Mulligan,Jemima Rooper,Sarah Jane Potts,Kate Maberly,Nicholas Aaron,Kathryn Drysdale,Emma Pierson,Andy Jones & Tony Denman


'Never Underestimate A Wounded Animal'

Directed & Produced By Andrew Lee Potts
Written By Alex Moss. Starring Max Wrottesley

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