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To watch WIRELESS episodes please go to

In a world where technology pulls people further apart, what if a computer could learn, could make decisions based on an emotion response?  Welcome to the world of Wireless, which sees disgraced police officer Jacob Crow played by Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Alice, Band Of Brothers) partnered with a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence known as Unit White Voiced by Lucy Brown (Harvest, The Village). Together Crow and White must navigate a city rife with corruption and criminals all of whom want to get their hands on this cutting edge piece of tech. Wireless is shot in a unique and immersive style, with high production values, allowing the audience to be closer to Crow and White than most shows dare. With the whole world online, who is watching who and can we trust?


From creators Andrew Lee Potts and Alex Moss, starring a host of British acting talent including; Max Wrottesley (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Open Grave) Joseph Millson (Banished, 24 Live Another Day) Lindsay Armaou (The Smoke)  Lewis Rainer (Dracula, The Crash) and Camilla Arfwedson (Wrong Turn, The Duchess) This is unique thrilling sci-fi web series which guarantees action, mystery and emotional pull to hang your heart on. 

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